YeahWrite Weekly Challenge #486, nonfiction Mandatory prompts: superpower fire generation, food mustard
Day Job
Lightning punctuated the dark rain clouds as they sped across the sky in a menacing veil, threatening to flood the city park with wet warm drops. The rapid boom of thunder announced the timing to be imminent.To most of the park’s occupants this seemed like a simple summer storm, but to the woman in the window of “Denise’s Ketchup Dogs” food truck, it had a more ominous purpose.One lock of her waist-length curly red hair slipped over her shoulder and over her eye as she gripped the counter edge and leaned forward, tilting her chin skyward.She tapped her long nails, filed to points and painted with swirling images of flames, and arched a magenta eyebrow with consternation.
“Excuse me?Excuse me, little lady, might I have a Denise’s special with extra ketchup?”

The elderly gentleman with tufts of gray hair escaping the sides of his newsboy cap and wide innocent eyes would have…
Model A100 Beep, beep, beep… The steady thrum of the heart monitor weighted down her eyelids as she began to slide into sleep, and she banged her hip sharply against the metal conveyor belt as she caught herself mid fall.“Damn!”It was a close one.Though her eyes had closed only a few seconds, the white metal robot arms on her belt had started to pile up.At least, she thought they might be arms… she never got to see the finished product.Rumor was that only they were allowed in the final assembly room.What she saw was a white metal pipe with screws and wires, her job was to thread the wires through the pipe, then leave it on the belt for the next unit to continue the assembly. By “unit” she meant person – or that’s what she used to consider herself, before they took over. A whirring noise buzzed into her left ear, rapidly growing nearer.She felt the dread in her stomach and the flush coming quickly to her face as she struggled to catch up.A white metal robot reeled slowly towards her, …